Why Vietnam is the Next Big Thing in Software Development


Vietnam is quickly emerging as a global leader in software development. With a highly skilled workforce, competitive costs, and robust government support, businesses worldwide are choosing Vietnam for their software needs. 

Highly Skilled Workforce

Vietnam’s education system emphasizes STEM, producing a steady stream of talented software engineers. Many Vietnamese developers are proficient in English, ensuring seamless communication with international clients.

Competitive Costs

Hiring developers in Vietnam is significantly more affordable compared to Western countries. This cost advantage allows businesses to achieve high-quality outcomes while optimizing their budgets. According to Accelerance, development rates in Vietnam are about 30-60% lower than in the US and Western Europe.

Time Zone and Cultural Compatibility

Vietnam’s GMT+7 time zone aligns well with major global business hubs, allowing for real-time communication and agile project management. The cultural emphasis on hard work and loyalty makes Vietnamese developers ideal team members.

Government Support

The Vietnamese government supports the software development industry with tax incentives and streamlined procedures for foreign enterprises, aiming to make Vietnam a top business destination by 2030. According to Vietnam Briefing, these incentives include reduced corporate income tax rates and import duty exemptions.


Vietnam’s growing prominence in the software development industry is backed by technical talent, cost-effectiveness, and government support. For businesses looking to expand their software development capabilities, Vietnam presents an attractive option.

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