Enterprise Application Development Center

The first key to going for custom software is being sure you need one. Research firm Geneca reports that 75% of business and IT executives anticipate their software projects will fail. Therefore, conducting a Build vs Buy analysis is necessary.

You can do due diligence by researching software that delivers more than 85% of the following functions:

  • Ability to integrate with legacy applications & data
  • Support or automate unique business processes
  • Handle data unique to your business or industry
  • Meet unique privacy requirements
  • Adapt to growing requirements
  • Pave tangible opportunities and provide a
    competitive edge

Requirements & Collaboration

Most projects fail due to an ineffective Discovery phase. An important result of good collaboration is a clear, shared, and documented understanding of what the custom enterprise software will and will not do. Well-executed Requirement Analysis can provide a high, quick ROI.

IBM’s definition of great requirements:

  • Technically Correct
  • Holistic (covers the solution in its entirety)
  • Comprehensive (to reduce risk)
  • Unambiguous & Understandable
  • Modular (can be revised without significant impact)
  • Feasible (cost and time-wise)

Enterprise Application Development Services

Technological Expertise

Custom Enterprise Software

  • We conceive (along with clients), design, create, deploy, and maintain robust software built for defined targeted users and specific functionalities.

Application Modernization

  • Enhance and modernize your legacy applications with the latest tools, modules, and technologies. In collaboration with your team, our experts perform an in-depth analysis of your existing software.

Software Integration

  • Add functionalities to and enhance your software infrastructure via custom APIs, microservices, and data integration.

Cloud Application Development

  • We architect & build custom cloud-based applications from the ground up, completely rewrite your application to evolve it to a cloud application & migrate existing applications to the cloud in a minimally intrusive way.

Artificial Intelligence

  • We specialize in the finance domain, and our clients are gaining tremendous advantages from AI-based algorithms such as machine and deep learning that have allowed their businesses to automate any operation, gain insights from Big Data, & more.

Mobile Applications

  • Our end-to-end mobile application development team helps established companies upgrade existing processes/ build new products and help start-ups create an app-based business.

Quality Assurance & Automation

  • Our team of certified automation engineers delivers an uncompromised quality through complete automation of the testing process, offering a competitive advantage of a reliable & efficient software solution.

Hyper Automation

  • First, of Gartner’s Top 10 Technology Trends of 2020, hyper-automation is the application of advanced technologies, such as AI and ML, to increasingly automate processes and enable AI-driven decision-making.

Robotic Process Automation

  • Specializing in the Mortgage domain, our UI Path-certified team of engineers offers enterprise automation, process analysis, and strategic implementation.

Technological Expertise


We are Microsoft Gold Partners – the highest level of development partnership a firm can attain with Microsoft. We’re well-versed in the following technologies:

Microsoft logos

Hyper Automation

Hyper automation is end-to-end automation accomplished by harnessing the power of multiple technologies.

  • RPA
  • Process Mapping
  • Low Code
decision partner

Open Source

Leveraging the best and most popular technologies, we can craft feature-rich solutions to ensure your competitiveness in an ever-changing business environment.

Open Source Software Development Services

Agile Software Development Methodology

For almost all enterprise-grade solutions, we follow the Agile development approach. Agile development breaks requirements into modules and deliverables rapidly through incremental development called Sprints. A constant loop helps continuously find & fix defects.


We collaborate with clients to collect effective requirements and break down defined requirements for the iteration based on the product backlog, sprint backlog, and customer and stakeholder feedback.

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